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Bathroom Renovations Perth

A photo of a bathroom renovation by Jewelbic Brothers: Bathroom Renovations Perth

Jewelbic Brothers: Bathroom Renovations Perth

Jewelbic Brothers are the expert bathroom renovations team you can call upon. If your bathroom is looking tired and in need of remodelling, we are here to help you. Jewelbic Brothers have a proven track record when it comes to bringing older bathrooms up to modern standards. We perform bathroom renovations Perth locals can rely on for utmost quality.

Whether you need some archaic plumbing updated, tiles and tap ware replaced, or are looking for a brand new bathroom layout designed from scratch, we have you covered.

Trust Jewelbic Brothers to keep the project running smoothly

We know renovations can be hard to go through as they disrupt your normal routine and home life. You can rest assured that our team will run a streamlined project, no matter the size of the job. From planning your dream bathroom with our interior designer, to coordinating trades and staying on budget, we are experts in bathroom renovations Perth homeowners and commercial entities can rely on for outstanding results!

When you need experienced and skilled professionals who can renovate your bathroom to code and to a high standard, be sure to engage Jewelbic Brothers.

What our clients have to say

Professionalism, punctuality, quality.

We were thrilled with the transformation of our bathroom by Jewelbic Brothers. All their tradesmen were professional, punctual and helpful, and nothing was too much trouble. We would highly recommend them to anyone wanting quality service at a reasonable price.

– Wendy P.

A closer look at our well-thought-out bathroom renovation process

A photo of Bryn Djulbic talking to a customer. Jewelbic Brothers: Bathroom Renovations Perth
A photo of Bryn, Tory and Chad Djulbic planning a project. Jewelbic Brothers: Bathroom Renovations Perth
A photo of a bathroom renovation by Jewelbic Brothers: Bathroom Renovations Perth
A photo of Chad Djulbic performing Bathroom Renovations Perth

1) Our consultation

The first stage is to talk to us about what you need, the kind of look you want, show us images you might have collected and tell us about things like materials, fixtures and so on. Our interior designer can guide you on the latest trends for renovating your bathroom.

2) Preparing and planning

Then we talk about the date you want to start your renovation, and make preparations to order all the components we need after you’ve made your choices.

3) Commencement

When the commencement date arrives, we will have all products ready and trades scheduled for a seamless renovation experience. At Jewelbic Brothers we take a lot of pride in bathroom renovations Perth locals will want to show off to friends and family. We do our utmost to ensure your renovation experience is positive, as it can be a time of stress that comes from change. You can trust our expert team to keep you informed of progress at every step, and complete your renovation on time.

4) The Stages

  • Demolition can be messy and noisy given that we strip everything back, pulling apart and dismantling your old bathroom
  • We then address structural work, knocking down any walls you want removed, or knocking holes in walls for new windows
  • If required, our carpenter then comes in to reinforce any structural changes
  • Plasterboard is then applied to ceilings and also walls, if required
  • Plumbing work is then carried out, furthermore, if you want your sink and tub moved, our licensed and professional plumbers reposition all plumbing
  • Our electrician then handles all wiring for where your lights, power outlets and extraction fans are to be positioned
  • Water-proofing is then performed, along with tiling
  • If you haven’t opted for floor to ceiling tiling, painting then takes place
  • Plumbing fixtures such as sinks, baths and toilets then go in
  • Our electricians then install light fittings, heat lamps, extractor fans, power outlets and the like
  • Finally, the last details go in such as shower screens, mirrors, cabinetry, towel rails and so on

5) Completing the project and the inspection

After your project is complete, we carry out a complete inspection of the job and check to see if any other touches are required. We also make sure that all plumbing, electrical and cabinetry functions as it should. We then perform a standard builder’s clean, leaving you with a beautiful and luxurious bathroom. Then you get to carry out your own final inspection!

Contact Jewelbic Brothers for Bathroom Renovations Perth

Q: Why should you contact Jewelbic Brothers for bathroom renovations?

A: The answer is easy.

Budget conscious: We help you plan a bathroom that suits your existing and future needs, while keeping your budget in mind. We understand that money can be tight and you need us to control costs.

Achieve a luxurious finish: We understand your bathroom is an area in your house in which you want to relax. Our expert team will recommend tiling, fixtures, tap ware and lighting features to achieve a luxurious outcome.

Adhering to standards: Your bathroom will be completed in alignment with building codes, with the right ventilation and so on.

Energy and water efficient: We care about you and we care about the environment. We can help you improve your energy efficiency water efficiency. The discoveries can save you money in the long-term, while helping the planet too.

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