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Renovation. North Perth.

Renovation. North Perth.

Renovation project for a large two storey townhouse in North Perth.

Project scope:

Full scale renovation of each room including:

  • Skip bin hire: Delivery and collection
  • Demolition: Including rubber mats to protect flooring
  • Plumbing: Disconnection and moving of services, final fit off
  • Electrical: Disconnection and moving of services, final fit off
  • Tiling: Chipping, scraping and priming, rendering, waterproofing, floor wastes, tiling, grouting and silicone
  • Custom cabinetry and stone: Measure, supply and installation
  • Shower screens: Measure, supply and installation
  • Patching and painting: Supply and installation
  • Professional cleaning: Upon finalisation of renovation

Unique solutions:

The customer decided to change a number of tap ware and fixture selections while opting for a different cabinetry layout at the start of the project. Jewelbic Brothers worked with the client to accommodate for the shift in scope by making sure all the new selections and cabinetry layout worked together. Our flexible team of experts were able to perform adjustments to the plumbing services and rough in. Exceptional outcomes were achieved for the customer.

The process:

  1. Initial quote and measure carried out
  2. Quote received by client and approved
  3. Customer visits the showrooms of our preferred suppliers in Osborne Park to choose tap ware, fixtures, tiles and grout selections subsequently added to the initial quote or sent through separately
    NB: We are also happy for clients to choose their own suppliers
  4. After selections are finalised and the total cost is approved by the customer, a project commencement date is set


  1. Skip bin hire: Delivered 1-2 days prior to project start date
  2. Demolition: A standard bathroom takes 1-1.5 days to rip out, depending on the amount of existing tiles, the amount of screed and the quality of the glue used to the fasten tiles. This figure includes rubber floor protection mats. This North Perth renovation was no exception.
  3. Plumbing:
    • Disconnection on morning of day 1
    • Moving of services carried out on day 2
    • Final fit off took place upon completion of tiling, custom cabinetry and stone installation – this is standard
  4. Electrical:
    • Disconnection on morning of day 1
    • Moving of services carried out on day 2
    • Final fit off was carried out in the same fashion as the plumbing
  5. Tiling prep work: Chipping, scraping & priming , rendering, screed waterproofing all carried out after moving of plumbing and electrical
  6. Custom cabinetry and stone:
    • Measured on site before commencement
    • Supply and installation after the floor screed has been installed and before the tiling starts
  7. Shower screens:
    • Measured once tiling is 3/4 complete
    • Supply and installation approximately 5-7 days from the measure
  8. Patching and painting: Supply and installation towards the end of the project once most of the trades have completed their work
  9. Professional cleaning


Jewelbic Brothers

Two stage renovation with a small break in the middle
9th August – 12th October 2021

Downstairs laundry
Downstairs powder room
Upstairs en-suite
Upstairs second bathroom

Townhouse built in 2000

What our clients had to say

We would like to thank you and the team at Jewelbic Brothers for a job well done.

We are very happy with how things turned out and certainly will recommend your company.