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Renovation. Mullaloo.

Renovation. Mullaloo.

Full en-suite, bathroom, laundry and toilet renovation for a house in Mullaloo.

Project scope:

Full scale renovation of each room including:

  • Plumbing: Disconnection, moving of services and final fit off
  • Electrical: Disconnection and final fit off
  • Tiling: Chipping, scraping and priming, rendering, waterproofing, floor wastes, tiling, grouting and silicone
  • Brick work: for shower nib wall and the like
  • Custom cabinetry and stone: Measure, supply and installation
  • Shower screens: Measure, supply and installation
  • Painting: By customer
  • Windows: By customer

Unique solutions:

Removed old flush inset sitting bath and brick step up. Create a seamless floor and modern look with a back to wall freestanding bath. Removed small bath in en-suite and moved toilet location to opposite side of the en-suite to allow for a walk in shower.


  1. Skip bin hire: Delivered 1-2 days prior to project start date
  2. Demolition: A standard bathroom takes 1-1.5 days to rip out, depending on the amount of existing tiles, the amount of screed and the quality of the glue used to the fasten tiles. This figure includes rubber floor protection mats. This North Perth renovation was no exception.
  3. Plumbing:
    • Disconnection on morning of day 1
    • Moving of services and drainage carried out on day 2
    • Final fit off took place upon completion of tiling, custom cabinetry and stone installation – this is standard
  4. Electrical:
    • Disconnection on morning of day 1
    • Final fit off was carried out in the same fashion as the plumbing
  5. Brick up:
    • Carried out after finalising drainage
  6. New windows and laundry sliding door:
    • Installed after brick up
  7. Tiling prep work: Chipping, scraping & priming , rendering, screed waterproofing all carried out after moving of plumbing and electrical
  8. Custom cabinetry and stone:
    • Measured on site before commencement
    • Supply and installation after the floor screed has been installed and before the tiling starts
  9. Frameless shower screens:
    • Measured once tiling is 3/4 complete
    • Supply and installation approximately 5-7 days from the measure
  10. Painting: Carried out by customer
  11. Professional cleaning


Jewelbic Brothers

Two stage renovation with a big break in the middle while the customer enjoyed a holiday
July – November 2021


Single storey home built in the 1970s