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Home renovations that add value

Home renovations that add value | Jewelbic Brothers

Are you looking to sell your home? Maybe it’s on the market and hasn’t attracted any interest. In your head, it might not make sense to spend money on renovations, especially when you’re selling up. However, when quality renovation work is performed in the right areas, it can add value to your property. Furthermore, renovations help your property sell! In some instances, we’ve seen clients do better than break even on the money they’ve spent on renovation, given how well the renovations have enhanced their property’s perceived value. Below we discuss home renovations that add value, including kitchen makeovers Perth homeowners can rely on for a quick sale, as well as bathroom upgrades.

Home renovations that add value

Not all renovations add value. Growth depends entirely on:

  • The rooms you choose to renovate
  • How much you spend
  • The suburb and location of your property, and
  • Miscellaneous factors such a staging, landscaping, style, curb appeal and wow factor

Below is a rough guide to help steer you in the right direction.

Options for renovation work that add value to your property

Bathroom makeovers

Bathroom makeovers Perth house-hunters will fall in love with is a good place to start. A bathroom retreat can be quickly achieved without spending too much money. By upgrading tap ware, showerheads and applying a fresh lick of paint, you can easily transfer an otherwise dated looking bathroom. However, going all out and remodelling the entire layout with demolition, relocating water and power services, upgrading tiling, custom cabinetry and stone, opting for first-class fixtures such as a free-standing bath, and installing creature comforts such as heating lamp, heated flooring and towel rails can really help increase the perceived value of your property.

Kitchen renovations

Kitchen makeovers Perth real estate agents love showing off typically add value to your home. The kitchen is the heart of your home, and should be treated as such. A carefully planned budget can ensure you’re making the most of the renovation work, afterall, the kitchen and the bathroom are the two key areas of your home that buyers will stringently scrutinise. In fact, newly renovated kitchens and bathrooms may result in a bidding war between potential buyers, that attracts offers above your asking price.

Natural light

Buyers love natural light, and it’s a proven fact that homes sell faster as a result. Natural light is one of the most underestimated home renovations that add value. Demolishing an entire or part of a wall and installing modern windows and furnishings can turn a dull home into a bight space full of potential! Swapping to north and south facing windows, instead of east and west facing windows can assist with keeping the property cool in the warmer months, improve energy efficiency, and ultimately enhance your property’s value. This is something to consider if you have an older property.

Other renovations

Due to the pandemic, a home office has never been more desirable in a home. A cutting-edge, aesthetically pleasing and organised home office can add value and help with attract buyers.

Never underestimate home renovations that add value

Jewelbic Brothers perform Bathroom makeovers Perth homeowners can relax and indulge in. Never underestimate the ambience and luxury you can achieve with a remodelled bathroom. A salubrious en-suite is yet another facet of your property that potential buyers will love. Whether you need some tiles and tap ware and showerheads replaced, or are looking for a remodelled layout designed from scratch, investing time and money in a en-suite upgrade is a surefire way to add value to your property.

Jewelbic Brothers can help

Simply reach out to us for a free quote. If you sure of what you want to achieve, or need some guidance, talk to our friendly project management and interior design team today!

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