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House additions Perth homeowners turn to for convenience

House Additions Perth | Jewelbic Brothers

Maybe you’ve just welcomed a new addition to the family, or your older children have grown up to the point where they can no longer share a room. Maybe you’ve made the choice to work from home during these uncertain times, and need some extra space to enhance your productivity. Whatever your reason for needing house additions Perth, it may feel like the only solution is to move into a larger home. But there are many reasons why Perth families want to avoid moving house. In Western Australia, property prices increased by around 15% in 2021, due to people repatriating during the COVID-19 pandemic. The supply vs demand conundrum has caused this price hike, and has made the dream of a big new house unattainable. Instead, homeowners are counteracting their lack of space through home additions Perth.

House additions Perth – the advantages

Here is a look at just a few of the advantages of getting a home extension.

  1. You gain the space you need! Another bedroom, a brand new study room, a second bathroom, whatever it is your home is lacking right now – an extension or home addition can solve the problem.
  2. You save money. Second storey additions Perth may work out to be more economical in the long run especially when you take into consideration the stamp duty and other fees associated with property transactions. If your home is situated on a large block, like the old 800m2 properties you can find in suburbs such as Trigg, Scarborough and Doubleview, perhaps a single-storey addition makes more sense than a double-storey extension. Consider how you use the rooms in your current home, and plan your upgrades with our project managers so that you can take full advantage of the modifications.
  3. Add value to your property. A street-facing conservatory extension creates additional space and enhances curb-appeal. Furthermore, a conservatory might be a more cost-effective option, as it may not need as many planning applications. However, if you do intend to spend money on your home, the best places to splurge are your kitchen and bathrooms. We also carry out home renovations Perth homeowners love showing off to their family and friends!
  4. Love where you live? Stay put! Leaving behind friends, moving further away from family, pulling children out of a school after they’ve built so many friendships and interrupting your career goals are all far from ideal scenarios. Why uproot? Stay put and enjoy the continuity and stability of the home and suburb you’ve grown to love.

What to keep in mind when adding an extension

First you should choose a reputable company offering stylish and affordable home additions Perth, such as Jewelbic Brothers. Then you need to plan!

  1. The bigger the extension project, the more it is probably going to throw a spanner in the works of your daily life. You may need to plan where a temporary kitchen can be setup, be sure you have access to a second bathroom, and if you work from home, maybe get some noise cancelling headphones to eliminate the distraction of contractors using machinery.
  2. Make sure all council approvals are applied for and obtained prior to the commencement of any work. Jewelbic Brothers can assist you here!
  3. Be mindful and accepting that the size of your extension depends on how many square metres your renovator has to work with – we can’t build where there is no space to do so!

Contact Jewelbic Brothers for house additions Perth

Whether you choose second storey additions Perth or put the vacant land on your block to better use, you can stay in the home you love, while discovering more room for your family. Home additions are affordable and you’ll be impressed with how much a custom builder Perth can achieve for you – contact Jewelbic Brothers today.

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