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House renovations and the basics of home remodelling

House renovations: Jewelbic Brothers

With the overinflated Perth property market in mind, it might be worth renovating your house as opposed to selling it and purchasing a new one. House prices have increased by 14% during 2021 in Western Australia, due to the supply versus demand issues we’re seeing as a result of COVID-19. 2020 and 2021 has seen many people return from overseas to the safe haven of Western Australia, and given the inability to travel, people are turning to house renovations. Below are a few simple tips for house renovations Perth homeowners are harnessing.

Spend your money where it counts – in the kitchen and bathroom

If you are looking to achieve the best bang-for-buck, it is best to start with the kitchen. Jewelbic Brothers work swiftly to complete house renovations, particularly kitchens, as we know how much of an inconvenience it can be to not have access to your kitchen for an extended period. Our project management and interior design teams can help you get the most out of your budget too! A good place to start renovating your kitchen is with a multi-purpose island. A kitchen island provides a place to carry out cooking prep work, wash and dry dishes, plus a chef’s style rangehood and cooktop installed as part of a bulkhead can add a unique touch! Instead of having your back to your family and friends, you can face into the living space instead of a kitchen splashback.

You then want to focus your house renovations on your bathrooms and en-suite. As well as your kitchen, bathrooms in your house are a major focal point, especially if you’re looking to sell while the property market is inflated. Achieve a luxurious finish in an area of your house where you want to relax. Jewelbic Brothers will recommend tiling, fixtures, tap ware, lighting features, flooring and if you’ve got room for layout changes, we will present to you the best way to achieve a luxurious outcome.

We can also help you achieve energy and water efficiency. If you care about the environment as much as we do, we can help, and also save you money on your utility bills!

Improve the facade as part of your house renovations

If the front exterior of your home looks a little dated, modernising the facade can help enhance curb charm, if you are planning to sell your house. Or an improved front exterior can provide you with more pride in your home if you plan to stay put.

Contact us Jewelbic Brothers for house renovations

These are just a few of many tips for house renovations Perth homeowners are implementing. If you’re in need of further inspiration and guidance, please reach out to the team at Jewelbic Brothers. As previously mentioned, our interior design and project management experts can help you get the most out of your house renovations project.

Furthermore, engaging the professional at Jewelbic Brothers ensures that you’ll achieve a first-class renovation and the end results adhere to standards including building codes.

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