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House Renovations Perth: Use this Guide

House Renovations Perth: Jewelbic Brothers

If it’s not just your kitchen and bathrooms that are looking tired, then it’s probably time for a whole of house renovation. Jewelbic Brothers perform house renovations Perth homeowners can rely on for the utmost quality and budget friendly options!

Are you planning a home makeover? If so, make sure you use this guide for getting the most out of your money!

Home improvement is much more than having some new decking installed or a toilet replaced. After a while, home improvement will become part of your lifestyle. Once you have one room renovated by Jewelbic Brothers, you’ll find new ways to improve the rest of your house. Home improvement will unearth many design ideas that require a keen eye, precision, and sharp attention to detail. Do you have what it takes to plan an entire house renovation? Regardless of your answer, here are some tips to help you.

Buy new appliances

Replacing your old appliances does more than just improving the look of your home. A new appliance can actually save you money, given that they conserve energy compared to their older counterparts.

Get the permits you need to perform a whole of home renovation

Jewelbic Brothers can help you with applying for the permits you will need, ahead of your renovation project. Failure to obtain these permits, may prevent any building and/or demolition from taking place. Make sure you’re on the front foot with obtaining occupancy permits or building approval certificates. There are also various plumbing jobs that will require council approval.

Reuse existing furniture

Sanding down and refinishing your old table can save you money in the long run, and can also give an old piece of furniture a new lease on life. You may even want to rejuvenate settees, coffee tables or an antique sofa.

Opt for sensor lights

Reduce energy consumption and have our electrical team install motion detector lights around garages and in your portico. Motion detectors ensure that light is provided in specific areas for when you arrive home at night, or when warding off shady characters. Leaving a light on overnight will increase your power bills.

Renovating to sell

Is your intention to sell your property? Renovations can help to boost the perceived value of your home. Even something as simple as upgrading your decor can have a positive impact on the asking price of your home. Houses that look brand new are more likely to attract offers from prospective buyers.

Make sure you have an emergency budget

Jewelbic Brothers deliver value for money, but we recommend you put aside an extra 25% in case your appetite grows. This will give you room to move for upgrading fixtures, fittings, electrical and even tech.

Use water wisely

Opt for water saving shower heads. Opt for toilets with a minimum 4 star rating. Your toilet should use 3 litres for a half flush and 4.5 litres for a full flush, at the absolute minimum.

Contact us for House Renovations Perth

The above tips should have given you some helpful advice, particularly when it comes to $avings on your bottom line. We are ready to see your ideas for home renovation, contact us today to get started! We also have some renovation ideas Perth homeowners should take on board for an exceptional outcome!

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