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Kitchen Renovation Ideas Perth Homeowners Have Taken On Board

Kitchen Renovation Ideas Perth: Jewelbic Brothers

At Jewelbic Brothers, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to kitchen remodelling. As a result, we’ve got some handy suggestions that will help ensure your kitchen is all that it can be, maybe even ideas that you haven’t even thought of. Below are kitchen renovation ideas Perth homeowners have taken on board when engaging our team to perform their renovations.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas Perth

Multi-purpose island installation

Installing a multi-purpose island is often overlooked as a kitchen renovation idea. When planning a kitchen renovation we mention to our clients that a multi-purpose island is ideal for being able to slice and dice food, and also wash utensils. Some multi-purpose islands may even include a cook top and range hood to give your kitchen that expert chef look! With the installation of a fully customised island, you’ll achieve extra counter space to perform all your kitchen duties. You’ll find kitchen islands in many new homes, so why not consider having one installed in your kitchen?

Moving walls and creating windows

Kitchen renovation ideas Perth homeowners should consider include moving walls and adding natural light with the introduction of windows. Although this means major remodeling, moving or tearing out a a complete section or portion of wall, constructing a new kitchen layout may discover more space and convenience. We will make sure there’s enough room in your kitchen to include newer kitchen items, such as the all important coffee machine!

Resurface your kitchen cabinets

If cash is tight and new cabinetry is out of the equation, it’s actually possible to have your kitchen cabinets resurfaced instead of replaced. Going down this path is costs effective and can give your current cabinets a new lease on life. Our expert team have got you covered!

Engage Our Expert Team for Kitchen Renovation Ideas Perth

However big or small your budget, Jewelbic Brothers can help add some spark to your imagination with kitchen renovation ideas that will keep the heart of your home looking up-to-date for years to come. We carry out kitchen renovations Perth families love!

We are here to help you enliven, invigorate and refresh your kitchen. Be sure to engage our expert team to help you spend some quality time on planning your kitchen renovations.We will show you the benefits of home renovation.

Like they say, there’s no better time than the present, contact us today.

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