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Renovation ideas Perth homeowners should adopt

A photo of drafting. Renovation Ideas Perth: Jewelbic Brothers

Here at Jewelbic Brothers, we believe in empowering our existing and potential clientele. If you’re looking to sell your house or transform your old home into your dream home, we have some renovation ideas Perth homeowners should adopt.

Check out our advice below and contact us if you’re keen to get moving with a renovation project.

Renovation ideas

Upgrade frontage!

Make your house look inviting with an upgraded front door, or take it even further with a veranda or piazza. Out of all our renovation ideas, we think this one makes a lot of sense given how important a first impression is. If the entry to your humble abode is underwhelming, Jewelbic Brothers can help you knock out walls to turn the frontage of your home into a charming feature. Our plumbing and electrical team can always assist you with a water feature.

It doesn’t just have to be the exterior of your home that benefits from renovation – you can also add some fancy features to the interior entryway of your home. Whether it be a wainscot, a lighting feature or something as simple as a creative way to store shoes, our expert team have the know-how and skills to achieve your desired outcome.

A photo of a veranda. Renovation Ideas Perth: Jewelbic Brothers

Memories matter

If you you feel your backyard, frontyard or courtyard lack pizzazz, we recommend adding some features that help create memories. Our carpentry expertise can transform dull into delightful with a brand new arbor, gazebo, decking or patio (or all 4 in different areas of your yard space). We can also help you to naturally decorate the area with a range of plants and trees to suit the environment. If gardening isn’t your thing, we can make sure a low maintenance option is the way to go.

These renovation ideas can create wonderful areas throughout your home for photo opportunities with your children, family and friends.

A photo of a gazebo. Renovation Ideas Perth: Jewelbic Brothers

Let there be light!

It’s worthwhile paying attention to lighting when carrying out wholesale renovations on your home. This can be natural lighting; our building team can always knock down a wall to replace it with a window. Or illumination can come from fancy lighting fixtures installed by our electrical experts. We are here to help ensure your home is well-lit, no matter the time of day. We can even add window treatments such as shutters!

A photo of natural light in a home. Renovation Ideas Perth: Jewelbic Brothers

Add some space for better flow

We’re experienced in extensions and can help you add more functional space to your living and entertainment areas. Our interior designer can also ensure you make the most of the new space by advising what furniture will fit into your rooms to also improve flow. You may even want some advice on artwork to feature in your newly extended living and/or entertainment area. Again, just ask our interior designer for advice on how to enhance your renovation ideas – even a strategically placed mirror can create an illusion of space.

Spend in areas of high usage

Kitchens and bathrooms are a wise choice. If you’re going to spend big, spend where it matters most and where you can derive great value. Kitchens and bathrooms are often busy areas and a prospective buyer may place your home ahead of a similar prospect where this attention to detail hasn’t yet been applied. Even something as simple as cabinetry, a pull-out mixer tap or new appliances in your kitchen could mean the difference between another home open, or a swift sale. Our handyman, plumbing and electrical service offerings are ready to be of service to achieve your renovation ideas.

The right lighting in a bathroom, overall style or storage solutions of a bathroom could also enhance the likelihood of a sale!

Do you need more renovation ideas Perth homeowners should adopt?

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