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Bathroom Laundry Renovations: Combining functionality and style in a single room

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There are times, especially if you live in an older or smaller house, where combining multiple types of functionality into a single room is necessary. People are used to open plan kitchens, where if there is no room for a separate dining area, you can have seating in the kitchen. Or you might find your guest bathroom is hardly ever used, which may lead you to the decision to turn the bathroom space into something more useful. This is where Jewelbic Brothers step in, we can help you plan your bathroom laundry renovations.

Bathroom laundry renovations ideas

You can apply flexibility, functionality and style into a combined bathroom and laundry room. These days, washers and dryers are compact, and you can even buy washers and dryers that are combined into the one single appliance.

Having a laundry area does not mean having to give up space in your home. With the right bathroom laundry renovations professionals such as the Jewelbic Brothers, we can achieve your multifunctional requirements.

Concealing the laundry area

One option is to create a concealed area within the bathroom. You could place the laundry area to the side or at the back and then use doors to close the laundry nook. That way, the main function of the room is still that of a bathroom. The washer and dryer are hidden away until you want to use them, or when guests need to use the bathroom. Cavity sliding or bifold doors work well here. This way, you can keep the room tidy and ensure your clothes do not take over the bathroom.

If you are planning laundry and bathroom renovations you could also make plans to stack the machines rather than place them side by side. This saves a lot of space and there are a lot of washers and dryers today that can be mounted on the wall. Keeping your laundry doors closed will also ensure your bathroom looks more spacious and luxurious.

As well as thinking about the appliances, you’ll also need to factor in things like where your laundry basket lives, and where your detergents will be kept. If there is room, you could create some shelving.

With the laundry nook doors closed, it can help to reduce noise levels when appliances are in use. For some, the bathroom is a sanctuary they relax in after a hard day, and closing the appliance nook doors can ensure a level of peace and quiet.

Having an open plan option

Another option is to install the appliances under a countertop. The dual functionality is there, you’ll just need to make sure, with your bathroom laundry renovations experts, that the laundry does not take over. The trick is to include the laundry as part of the overall design scheme while focusing on the bathroom aesthetics. Our interior design team can help you with that!

You could also install some fold-out cabinetry that provides you with some storage to tuck away the laundry essentials. If the space is small, a modern all in one washer/dryer appliance could work best.

Using a partition wall

Another option is to use a partition wall to create a division between bathroom and laundry. This is more of an option if you have a larger bathroom and you can afford to divide up the space. Whether you choose to have a larger laundry area or a larger bathroom is up to you. Your decision may depend on how often the bathroom is used. Our interior designer can create a concept that compliments the design features in each space as part of your laundry and bathroom renovations project.

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