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Our Five Bathroom Renovation Steps

Bathroom Renovation Steps: Jewelbic Brothers

Are you getting tired of your outdated bathrooms and considering making a change? Are you looking at the bathroom renovation process and thinking about how disruptive it might be. Maybe you’re weighing up the benefits and whether it is time to update? Here is a look at our 5 bathroom renovation steps for a professional outcome.

A photo of an old bathroom: Jewelbic Brothers


A photo of a bathroom renovation: Jewelbic Brothers


Bathroom Renovation Steps Perth: Jewelbic Brothers


Bathroom Renovation Process Perth: Jewelbic Brothers


The Jewelbic Brothers bathroom renovation process

Step One – Consultation

The first step to getting your bathroom renovated into something you love is the consultation stage. This is where the Djulbic brothers talk to you about what you are looking for and design something practical that also has everything you hope for in your new bathroom. This will include talking about what the latest bathroom trends are, what the latest materials, fixtures and fittings are, and so on.

Step Two – Planning and preparation

Next, we look at the date you want work to start and get planning and preparing for the work to commence. This includes making choices like what tiling you want, what fixtures you want and so on.

Step Three – Construction begins in your home

By using a reliable and high-quality service provider in Jewelbic Brothers, you avoid constant delays, inexperienced workers, and chaos. These bathroom renovation steps ensure reliability, professionalism and high-quality work. At this stage we prepare your home for the work, doing what is needed to keep your home neat and tidy while renovations are happening, arranging delivery of everything needed and updating you on each project step. By this stage, you should have prepared your bathroom by taking out everything you own and want to keep.

Step Four – Work follows a specific timeline as part of the bathroom renovation process

A successful bathroom renovation works towards a timeline. The usual commencement to completion should take around 3 weeks, but then again, it may depend on the complexity and scope of your renovation project. The stages of physical work are as below;

  1. Demolition work – Pulling out all the old cabinetry, saving what has been requested to be re-used, knocking down walls, disposing of rubbish, taking the tiles off, and stripping it back as far as it needs to be stripped (for a complete overhaul, that can mean tripping back to the carpentry!) This is a noisy and messy stage but necessary. Bryn from Jewelbic Building & Maintenance is tidy and will ensure minimal dust is spread during this process.
  2. Structural work and water damage repair work – In bathrooms things like drywall need to be water-resistant because of the moisture a bathroom generates.
  3. Carpenter – In the bathroom renovation process if there is a carpenter involved and changes need to be made this is when they have their work implemented.
  4. Plasterwork – Ceilings and walls are relined and cornices are installed.
  5. Plumbing – If you are having the bath, shower or sink or toilet in different places this will take a little longer as they prepare pipes and such and move things around. Always the plumbing work is done by a professional and licensed plumber. Chad from Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas will get the job done!
  6. Electrician – How long this takes depends on the lighting system you want in your new bathroom. Sometimes the plumber and electrician can work at the same time. Tory from Jewelbic Electrical is your man for the job.
  7. Water-proofing – This can take up to 3 days for the membrane to cure.
  8. Tiling – This process takes about 4 days. Often owners choose one style for the walls and another for flooring.
  9. Painting – Any painting happens before fittings are put in.
  10. Installations – Shower screen, plumbing fittings like the shower, sink, toilet and tub all go in.
  11. Another electrician visit – To finish putting in all the electrical lights and fittings.
  12. Final bits – mirrors, towel rails, cabinets, shelves and so on all go in to finish off the bathroom.

Step Five – Completion and inspection

The final of the bathroom renovation steps is any final touches needed, and our inspection to make sure your bathroom is all in working order. We clean up any materials left, make sure things are recycled and your home is how it was before construction. Then a final inspection from you to make sure you are happy!

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