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The advantages of remodelling your bathroom with Jewelbic Brothers

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Bathroom remodelling is a big task. You can rest assured the Jewelbic Brothers will rise to the challenge, no matter the size of the project. Chad, Bryn and Tory will ensure your project runs smoothly, assisting you with design, planning and coordinating all trades from start to finish. Find out why Jewelbic Brothers are one of the best bathroom renovation companies Perth has to offer, contact us to view our portfolio of completed projects. This way, you can see for yourself what a successful and affordable bathroom renovation looks like.

Here’s why we are one of the best bathroom renovation companies Perth can offer

Planning your bathroom renovation

Prior to commencing your bathroom remodelling project, it’s advisable to talk about the ideal end result with all family members. If you’re living under the same roof, you’ve all got a vested interest in the outcome, especially those who use the bathroom on a regular basis. These discussion will help you decide on the fixtures, tap ware, cabinetry and overall layout. That’s why we are the one of the best bathroom renovation companies Perth has to offer – we begin with the end in mind.

We will help you plan your bathroom renovation and ensure you’ve got the future in mind, not just your current circumstances. If you’re expecting your family to grow, then you’ll most likely want more space, a second sink and a tub to bathe the kids in from newborn through to childhood.

Budget control

If your budget is the main concern, one of the most effective means to control costs is to make sure fixtures and utilities stay in the same area or close to existing locations. You can upgrade the visual appeal and efficiency of your bathroom without spending an arm and leg.

Keeping your health in mind

Illumination, ventilation and space are very important facets of a bathroom remodelling project that Perth property owners don’t always take into consideration. That’s where our building and electrical skills come into play. If a new window is needed, we can create one for you. Our building team can also create more room for you to move in the area by making better use of the space.

If the natural light and ventilation is inadequate, that’s where lighting and ceiling fans come into play. Lighting fitments can also improve the overall ambience of your bathroom and truly transform it into a place you can relax. We can help you choose a combination of overhead lights and also wall sconces next to your mirror. Air flow is particularly important and the appropriate ventilation assists in the prevention of mildew and mold. These health concerns are particularly pertinent remodelling older Perth bathrooms.

Bathroom renovation projects require the discerning eyes of a professional team, including a plumber, gas fitter, builder, carpenter and electrician. That’s what you get with the Jewelbic Brothers. Your safety is also held paramount, especially in older residences that may harbour hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead.

As a side-thought, if you’re in an older home but love where you live, then maybe it’s time to demolish and build?

Caring for the environment and your hip pocket

Improving the water and energy efficiency in older houses is important, as not only do we like to save you money in the long run, we also like to consider the environment. Values you’d come to expect of one of the best bathroom renovation companies Perth can offer.

Contact us for bathroom remodelling today

A bathroom remodelling project can add value to your residence, add aesthetic appeal and create a level of water and energy efficiency not previously achievable. Contact Jewelbic Brothers today to get started!


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